Here is a list of places to see in Chemillé and its area.

A travers Champs Cie (Across the fields Cie)

With a desire to return to basics, between medicinal and wild plants, Annick Cesbron wanted to name and personify trees & flowers so she could enter this botanical universe.

Thanks to this artist, the guided tour of the Vau Gallard has become a theatrical journey among medicinal plants.
Sometime serious and informative, sometimes playful and off the wall, visitors (the audience) will feel involved in this unusual company tour.


Visit the Bon Repos Vineyard in Valanjou, a family estate for 4 generations. Enjoy a walk through the vines, a guided tour of the wine warehouse and many explanations of the process of winemaking.

The vineyard produces Anjou wine : Rosé de Loire, Rosé d’Anjou, Cabernet d’Anjou, Anjou Gamay, Anjou Rouge, Coteaux du Layon, Crémant de Loire…
This 19 hectares estate welcomes visitors all year, by appointment and for groups only (from 10 to 30 persons).


Cabri d’Anjou

Meet The Socheleau family (Anne-Sophie, Philippe & Loïc) and Mickaël Frappreau for a nice visit of their billy goat farm and find out about cheese production.

The farm is opened all year round. Visits can be booked on request. Cabri d’Anjou is also a Teaching Farm and welcomes school groups, day care centers, study groups, adult groups, …


Created in 2008, Camifolia Garden is located at the Hyrôme valley’s heart and presents more than 500 varieties of plants with surprising properties.

Travel along 6 theme gardens, across 4.5 hectares, and learn about scents, flavours, local cultures, fibers and colors.
Relaxation areas are provided for visitors : make yourself comfortable in one of the Cami’sofas placed throughout the garden and enjoy a break before strolling about again.

Walk along the sensory path (with children) and climb into the wooden cabin. This welcoming little house, recently built with natural wooden materials, fits perfectly in the garden’s landscape for the enjoyment of young and old alike.


There is nothing left of the 5th century primitive castle largely sacked and destroyed  during the Hundred Years’ War. Rebuilt in a square form with high tours, it belonged to several families, among them the Du Bellay’s (the famous poet’s uncle) and the Cossé’s.

Artus de Cossé Brissac refurbished it, Renaissance style, in the 16th century: he has admired the Loire Valley Castles as diplomat and treasurer from Queen Regent Catherine de Médicis. He has organized luxurious parties in the castle, for example 1580’s carnival, and welcomed kings Charles IX, Henri III and Henri de Navarre, future Henri IV.

Cesbron chocolate factory

Come and share their passion for chocolate!
Cesbron Chocolate Factory is a perfect combination between traditional knowledge and modernity’s assets.

Since Christopher Columbus, most likely the first European who touched a cocoa bean in 1502, Guy and Gérard Cesbron will tell you all about the chocolate adventure and share with you their experience since they created their business in 1997. Different methods will be explained, such as “moulding” or “covering”… an opportunity for chocolate lovers to learn


« Nature » activites for young and old alike in a teaching farm, its cornfield labyrtinth and Swin Golf!
All summer, Maryline and Elie Jarrie invite you to discover their 55 hectares farm. La Dube Teaching farm belonged to « Welcome to the farm » Network.

La Dube’s Labyrinth is a large playground for yound and old alike. A new theme and enigmas to solve are created each year. Come and visit the labyrinth after dark, after a nice gastronomic diner, by the light of torches…



Welcome to park of Martreil castle grounds!

You will be captivated by this park which contains more than a hundred old, rare and exotic trees, spread over 35 hectares. With its lovely pond and woods surrounding, this wonderfull English style park will seduce experts, lovers & romantic souls.


From first discovery to passion, Mr & Mrs Jacquet started their business in 1995. Over the years, the deer farm has known transformation and renovation work, and now includes a restaurant.
“We’ve imagined our Farm restaurant, located 2 steps away from the Layon vineyard, at the heart of Nature, to welcome you all year round (by reservation only). In Winter, come and enjoy a nice meal served by the fireplace. In Summer, explore our natural surroundings and gaze upon red deers, stags and fawns.”


Dedicated to the Virgin Mary from the 16th century, the hill of Gardes welcomed soon a chapel which has now become a high place of pilgrimage.
In the 17th century, a monastery was built and the village center of the Gardes grew. The nuns’boutique is the last vestige of the monastery, destroyed by the Wars of Vendée and rebuilt during the 19th century. The nuns share a cloistered life between prayers and work. Self-sufficient, they have varied activities such as jelly, old fashioned jam & fruit jelly’s production, but also direct sale and provision services.


Welcome to the « Anjou’s roof », one of the department’s highest point, located at 210 meters high.
From the viewpoint indicators, enjoy a panoramic view of all the villages around, from the Chemillé wooded countryside to the Loire (Chalonnes, Rochefort…) & Côteau du Layon (St Lambert du Lattay, even to St-Michel Mont Mercure in Vendée.

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