The Wars of Vendée

The Wars of Vendée represent a significant part of Mauges’History, called in these circumstances “La Vendée Angevine”.
In 1793, 2 major decisions were made, which brought forward the blaze :

  • 21st january 1793 : King Louis XVI’s death (on the scaffold)
  • 24th february 1793 : the raising of 300 000 men (mobilisation of young recruits to fight at the Eastern borders. “All for what ? For a Republic which has killed the King and to stifle claiming.
    The mobilisation of those men is the triggering factor of the Vendeen farmers’anger. On the brink of the Revolution, residents of Chemillé and all the Region seemed thrilled by the Convening of the Estates-General, but, added to :
  • The Civil Constitution of the Clergy (July 1790)
  • The Recusants arrival
  • The Recusants hunt (from 1791)
    They rose in revolt and protect themselves taking shelter in sulken lanes’ tree hedges. The Wars of Vendée are soon gonna cause thousands of deaths and leave the territory bloodless.
    The bocage, villages & hamlets, castles, churches and mills are burned down. Traces of this tragic episode are still visible on stained glass windows and calvaries in all the insergent Region.

All of this represents our heritage of which we have to protect and preserve.

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