Religious Art

Discover the churches of Chemillé :

  • Saint-Pierre Church (classified as Historic Monument) : built from the 11th century it represents a beautiful mix between Roman and Gothic Art and is attached to the Wars of Vendée ‘s memory.
    Visit the permanent exhibition “La Vendée Chemilloise”: in the left transept, the “Pater des Vendéens” tainted glass window reminds us the great forgiveness given by General Elbée to 400 republican prisonners locked up in the church, during “The Grand Choc of Chemillé” in april 1793.
  • Notre Dame Roman Church (classified as Historic Monument) : it’s marked out by the elegance and beauty of its remarkable roman bell tower.
  • Notre Dame La Nouvelle Church (19th century): looking down on the city, it houses wonderful stained glass window telling about Chemillé history.

Churches in Chemillé Region :

In the 19th century, the new catholic wave is characterized by the reconstruction and renovation of numerous churches, between 1850 and 1920 :
- La Salle de Vihiers Church, in wich you can also find remarkable stained glass window telling the Wars of Vendée History
- Chanzeaux Church, which houses stunning murals
- The contemporary St Lézin Church (modern and original)
- Notre Dame des Gardes Sanctuary : looking down on Chemillé Region from the top of its hill, this abbey has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary since the 11th century.

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